Restaurant Luxembourg

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The Quai Steffen, the restaurant of the Luxembourg train station

Why don’t you take a little trip to a restaurant in the centre of Luxembourg? At the train station to be precise… From now on, you’ll think that a brasserie or a restaurant in a railway station is a rather average choice. Well, think again! The restaurant “Le Quai Steffen” is a popular place for the business world during the day. In the evening, Le Quai Steffen will be the station restaurant of choice for sports clubs, associations, couples or friends. At the weekend, it’s more likely to be the restaurant of choice for families or friends. So, this restaurant in the centre of Luxembourg and at the railway station will obviously welcome all national, border and foreign travellers. In short, a new place of gastronomy has appeared in the Luxembourg landscape. For the greatest pleasure of lovers of varied cuisine, at the right price.

Restaurant, rotisserie, brasserie and take-away open all year round

From then on, Le Quai Steffen is a restaurant, a rotisserie, a brasserie and a take-away. In addition, each of these concepts is open all year round. If you don’t know where to go to eat on a Sunday, a holiday, late at night, very early in the morning, or at any time of the day, this is the address that will delight your palate and that of your friends or family.


To sum up, from breakfast to dinner, right through to a nightly snack, Quai Steffen welcomes you 7 days a week throughout the day. In conclusion, you can find something to satisfy your hunger from 6 am until 11 pm.

Restaurant and rotisserie in Luxembourg

In fact, the restaurant “Le Quai Steffen” offers two spaces:

  • On the one hand, one is dedicated to the brasserie and the restaurant…
  • On the other hand, the other universe focuses on rotisserie products.

For the greatest pleasure of the customers, the ergonomics of the restaurant make the place friendly, charming and sympathetic. Whatever you choose as a meal, you will be able to enjoy either a high table where several people are eating or a more cosy table.

What’s on this restaurant’s plate?

Chef Hervé, a former chef at the Hotel le Royal, works with passion to offer a varied menu.


First of all, it takes into account gluten-free, lactose-free, etc., diets. Secondly, it is very respectful of the philosophy of vegetarians and others. Finally, Chef Hervé proposes a renewal of the Menu of the Week every two weeks. His offer is therefore varied, ranging from local dishes, organic and vegetarian taste ranges, avant-garde products to traditional dishes.

Then, the “rotisserie” section allows customers to choose from a selection of meats and sauces to be assembled according to their tastes and desires. This is how the “Petit creux” menu offers a simple and delicious cuisine. And so, we can see that travellers who are jet-lagged, like to be able to eat at any time of day. Or that lovers of small culinary delicacies find what they are looking for at Quai Steffen at any time of the day.

Parking nearby

A practical place with the quality that is there: what more could you ask for? If you are looking for a good brasserie, a nice restaurant or a rotisserie in Luxembourg with easy parking possibilities, and mastering the culinary art, Quai Steffen is perfect. The nearest parking lot is the CFL parking lot, only 3 minutes walk from the restaurant! It is open 24 hours a day.

Conviviality and decoration of the restaurant

The interior decoration is sober and classy. The long bar has an impressive wine cellar behind it.


The staff is really friendly, just read the comments on Tripadvisor. The service is irreproachable, fast and efficient.