Our Values

Our Values

At Le Quai Steffen, we believe the best customer service comes from getting the basics right: providing a welcoming, attentive service that makes each and every one of our guests feel special. Our commitment to customer well-being extends to our hand-picked suppliers and partners, including Groupe Steffen , Maison Steffen and Steffen Traiteur, all of which have the following sustainability certifications:


As an active member of EPCAS, the European Event Caterer Association, we’re mindful of food waste and do whatever we can to reduce it – because we think that wasting food is bad for the economy, and for the environment.


Valorlux promotes, coordinates and financially supports the collection, sorting and recycling of household and similar waste in Luxembourg. Valorlux offers a comprehensive, sustainable, cost-efficient household and similar waste management system that supports a better environment. Valorlux members sign up to the global system for sorting and recycling of packaging in Luxembourg.

Made in Luxembourg

We’re proud to show where our expertise, services and artisan products come from. The Made in Luxembourg label, awarded by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, and the Chamber of Trades, is testament to our origins – right here in Luxembourg